Nano-Oil Bicycle Oil Field Kit


Nano-Oil Bicycle Oil Field Kit


This 3-pack of 8cc Nano-Oil for Bicycle Maintenance is a great field kit that provides a variety of oil viscosity for various use purposes.

Nano-Oil 5 Weight 8cc Syringe

Nano-Oil 10 Weight 8cc Syringe

Nano-Oil 85 Weight 8cc Syringe

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Product Description

This 3-pack of 8cc Nano-Oil Bicycle Maintenance Oil comes in syringes and provides you with a small amount of 5-weight, 10-weight, and 85-weight oil for a range of purposes in an easy to apply container for use in the field or at home for all of your bicycle maintenance needs.
  • Use 5 Weight oil for hard to reach places or in the field to reduce friction
  • use 10-weight oil for high friction points
  • use 85-weight oil for places where the oil needs to adhere for a long time, such as the gear teeth.


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