Application: RC Racing

Top 4 Primary Uses for RC Racing

RC racers love to use our 5-weight oil on joints and bearings for its ability to improve energy usage.
While 5-weight is our more popular product among RC drivers, 10-weight is also useful for larger-scale models and aerial RCs.
Lubrication products are great for model locomotive trains as well. Apply it to stainless steel shafts, crank pins or valve gears.
5-weight Nano-Oil™ can be used for RC Train and Locomotive applications.

Top 2 Advantages for RC Racing

5 and 10-Weight Nano-Oil™ delivers a myriad of advantages. RC devotees find their machines deliver increased energy output with less heat and amperage thanks to our products.
Decrease wear and tear on your RC vehicles with smoother, more cohesive gearing with reduced friction. Our oil products wick into sleeve bushings, maximizing the performance of your RC model.

Recommended RC Racing Applications

Apply 5-Weight RC Racing Nano-Oil™to bearings on RC cars and trucks.
Apply Nano-Grease™ to RC Aircraft or airplane propellers.
Apply 10-Weight Nano-Oil™ to shafts that are 2.5 mm or larger.

Detailed look at RC Racing and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

RC Racing enthusiasts are always looking for a competitive edge, and now you’ve found it with our Nano-Oil™ for RC motor bearing. When you operate precision equipment with a variety of small moving parts, it is important that everything has as little friction as possible. Using a variety of our Nano-Oil™ for sale throughout your RC car can keep it optimum running condition while reducing the wear and tear on shafts and other pivot points.

Any shaft or mechanism on larger RC vehicles with a shaft of 2.5 mm or larger should use 10 weight RC Racing Nano-Oil™ to lubricate the mechanism. With smaller equipment such as RC trains, 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ is sufficient for most applications.

Ball bearings are vital to RC Cars. The easiest and most important step to maintaining RC bearings is oiling them with our Nano-Oil™ for sale. A light weight oil for maintaining your bearings often will lead to longer life out of the bearings and better performance from your car.

For questions regarding our Nano-Oil™ for RC motor bearing, call Elite Oil Technologies at (573) 442-9670.


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