Application: Industrial

Top 2 Primary Uses for Industrial

Our 5-weight oil is ideal for penetrating small machinery and parts that cannot be disassembled.
10-weight industrial oil is a popular product for a wide variety of companies. It is a must for any industry that uses stainless steel machinery, such as printers or food processors.

Top 3 Advantages for Industrial

Our multi-purpose industrial oils are the preferred products for business owners all across the globe. The application of our 5 and 10-weight oils provides for long-lasting, dependable performance.
Steel-on-steel applications significantly reduce friction allowing for consistently fluid and smooth movement.
5-weight oils penetrate even the smallest machinery with ease. This is ideal for parts that cannot be taken apart.

Recommended Industrial Applications

Use syringes to apply to any contact areas of metal-to-metal, polymer-to-metal, or polymer-to-polymer.
5-Weight Nano-Oil™ will wick into hard to reach surfaces and can be used on the go with a syringe.
Nano-Bearings™ will keep the metal surfaces, gears, cranks, or other moving parts of your equipment lubricated.
Nano-Grease™ can be used on any heavy machinery or industrial equipment where a traditional grease would be used.

Detailed look at Industrial and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

All metal-to-metal dynamic contacts will greatly benefit from Nano-Bearings™ long-lasting applications. Instances of regular maintenance lubrication can be replaced or supplemented by Nano-Oil™ gearbox oil treatment and Nano-Grease™ to drastically reduce friction on rolling/sliding surfaces.

Nano-Oil™ Industrial Lubrication

  • •    Printing: A few drops on Cams will change the way Guillotine Cutters perform in terms of effort needed to operate whether hand-operated, hydraulic, or worm driven.
  • •     Injection Molding Plants
  • •     Metal Forming
  • •     Bottling Plants: We are expanding the scope of lubrication to the multitude of Metal to Metal parts and Glass to Metal with great success
  • •     Shaft Carrier Bearings

Industrial applications for Nano-Oil™ are almost endless, and many past users have raved about the cost savings. Using Nano-Oil™ industrial lubrication within your manufacturing or production facility can save thousands of dollars in repair costs over time with improved operating conditions for your equipment that reduces the wear and tear on metal-to-metal friction-based points. Utilizing the Industrial 5-Weight, 10-Weight, and 85-weight Nano-Oils™ gearbox oil treatment, alongside


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