Application: Fishing Reels

Top 3 Primary Uses for Fishing Reels

10-weight oil products should be applied to fishing bearings, pivot points and pintons.
The 85-weight product is ideal for deep-sea reels and other larger, heavy-duty reels.
When you're initially assembling your gear, we recommend using Nano-Grease™ to ease the process.

Top 3 Advantages for Fishing Reels

Fishing enthusiasts from all walks of life know our products as being the best around. Whether you're a serious angler or casually casting off your dock, our oil technology delivers the best performance out of your gear.
Our fishing products have the flexibility and versatility to be applied to any and all types of fishing equipment.
The best fishing experience is all about the culmination of the small details. A rod that doesn't cast smoothly or gets jammed easily can distract from what should otherwise be an enjoyable fishing experience.

Recommended Fishing Reels Applications

use 85 weight Nano-Oil™ when assembling a new reel for a long lasting lubrication that will protect the inner mechanisms.
Use syringe to apply to ball joints, handle knob and line roller.
Use 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ to wick oil into external mechanisms to reduce friction when fishing.

Detailed look at Fishing Reels and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

Fishing enthusiasts and competitive fisherman must keep high-quality Nano-Oil™ for fishing reels in their arsenal of tools to keep from ruining a day on the water. When you need to depend on your equipment or you operate precision reels in competition, Nano-Oil™ fishing reel lube oil can be a great solution when assembling new reels or maintaining old ones.

Adding small applications of Nano-Oil™ fishing reel lube oil to your bail joints, handle knob, and line roller – accompanied with the use of some grease on the shaft and drag knob – show a dramatic alteration to the feel and function of your fishing rod. Nano-Bearings™ allow less friction to occur on the moving parts in your rod. While water can often remove most oils on the market today, Nano-Bearings™ on your reel will stay put.

If you have questions about our Nano-Oil™ for fishing reels, call us at (573) 442-9670. Keep your fishing reel at top-quality with our Nano-Oil™.


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