Application: Firearms

Top 3 Primary Uses for Firearms

5-Weight Nano-Oil™ is applied to the smallest components of firearm mechanisms, and doubles as a penetrating oil.
85-Weight Nano-Oil™ is applied to larger surfaces where it needs to stick.
10-Weight Nano-Oil™ works perfectly as the general lubricant for all other portions of your firearm.

Top 6 Advantages for Firearms

Establishes a lighter and smoother trigger pull
Dramatically reduces carbon build-up
Decreases cleanup time
Produces fewer failure-to-feeds and failure-to-ejects
Remains consistent at extreme temperatures
Compatible alongside most other lubricants found today

Recommended Firearms Applications

Apply 85-Weight Nano-Oil™ along the feed ramp, bolt carrier, bolt, slide rails, and any other large surfaces where there is metal-to-metal or metal-to-polymer contact
Apply 10-Weight Nano-Oil™ to pins and pivots of all moving parts and remaining smaller contact surfaces
All portions of any trigger assembly should be oiled with 10-Weight Nano-Oil™, with 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ added where the user would prefer to thin the oil
Nano-Grease™ can be used where a user prefers a grease

Our Opinion

“Anytime I can give a hands-on demonstration on a handgun, I go through my ‘Field-strip Application’: A few drops of 10 weight for the trigger and magazine release, then remove the slide and barrel to apply 85 weight to the slide rails and loading ramp. After firing a magazine, I ask if they can wipe the carbon residue off the loading ramp or bolt face with their finger.”

Kevin Chapins
Co-Founder of Elite Oil Technologies

“The five weight works perfectly to ‘break free’ anything thats been stuck for eons.”

Randy Layer
Co-Founder of Elite Oil Technologies

Detailed look at Firearms and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

Simultaneously preventing wear and promoting a higher level of performance, Nano-Oil™ shines bright when it comes to your firearms. Maintaining and caring for firearms is a big part of owning firearms, whether you are a hobbyist, a competition shooter, or a collector. Using our Nano-Oil™ non-toxic oil lubricant for firearms will lead to a dramatic reduction in drag and trigger pull weight, while also decreasing clean up time due to less carbon build-up.

Various weights of our Nano-Oil™ gun oil lubricant can be used for different portions of a firearm and for distinctly different purposes. When you need the oil to wick into a location that is hard to get to, using 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ will allow it to seep into tight spots. When you need the Nano-Oil™ gun oil lubricant to stay where you put it despite heavy activity, using 85-Weight Nano-Oil™ will keep it in place.

Our non-toxic oil lubricants for firearms were originally developed for the M-14 rifle, 85 weight Nano-Oil™ and its accompaniments provide exceptional advantages and work to provide their anti-friction qualities even alongside other lubricants.

Where a grease would be preferred to an oil, Nano-Grease™ follows suit. Nano-Oil™ is a versatile and long-lasting oil product that is becoming a favorite among gun enthusiasts.

For hard numbers, view an extensive study of our product, and its thorough comparison to a leading Nano-Oil™ for guns, during a Police Patrol Rifle Course by the instructor, Ben Roberts.

Call Elite Oil Technologies at (573) 442-9670 if you have questions about any one of our Nano-Oil™ non-toxic oil lubricants for firearms.


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