Application: Bicycle Maintenance

Top 4 Primary Uses for Bicycle Maintenance

5-Weight Nano-Oil™ can be used on the go as it wicks into hard to reach surfaces.
85-Weight Nano-Oil™ can be used on chains and gears to have an oil that sticks to the metal surfaces.
Nano-Grease™ can be used to install pedals and crank cases.

Top 3 Advantages for Bicycle Maintenance

Our magnetically induced oil adheres to metal surfaces as it evaporates.
Using our Nano-Grease™ requires less grease than other products to perform bicycle maintenance.

Recommended Bicycle Maintenance Applications

Nano-Grease™ can be used to install pedals and crank shafts.
85-Weight Bicycle Nano-Oil™ can be used to oil cranks, gears, and chains as it adheres to the metal surfaces.
5-Weight Bicycle Nano-Oil™ can be used to get into hard to reach surfaces.

Our Opinion

“I have a friend who is into cycling and he says he feels as if he noticed a reduction in overall friction once using Nano-Oil™ at the wheel base and chain, although we have not had a chance to run any true tests.” – Kevin Chapins

Detailed look at Bicycle Maintenance and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

Whether you are into mountain biking, road biking, cyclocross, or just cruising your local trail – when you own a smooth operating machine like a high-quality bicycle, you want it to stay in that pristine working condition. It’s important to oil and lubricate everything that moves or rubs against other parts with a quality product.

Small applications of Nano-Oil™ and Nano-Grease™ on your bicycle’s chains, pivot points, pulleys, cassette, brakes, and brake cables allow for a smoother ride with protective reinforcement. Keep the moving parts of your bike moving and spend less time on continual bike maintenance with Nano-Oil™ bicycle lubrication oils from Elite Oil Technologies.

On bicycles, Nano-Grease™ is a great product for installing crank cases on a bicycle frame or seating a hub in a wheel. 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ for bicycles will wick into hard-to-reach surfaces, so it can be a great on-the-go tool to keep with you on the trail. 85-Weight Nano-Oil™ for bicycles is used on chains and gears on your bike in order to have an oil that stays where you want it to, no matter the surface.

An advantage with Nano-Oil™ products is that our magnetically induced oils will adhere to metal surfaces even as they evaporate. This makes our product superior and unlike any other on the market for this particular use.

Do you have questions about Nano-Oil™ for bicycles? Call us at (573) 442-9670. We are here to help you find the best Nano-Oil™ for your bicycle.


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