Application: Knives

Top 3 Primary Uses for Knives

Lighter weight oil is applied to pivot points, springs, and washers
Use a cloth to apply oil to each broad side of the blade
5 weight oil is used to penetrate areas with signs of rusting

Top 4 Advantages for Knives

Grants a significantly smoother open and close operation for folding knives
Protects against rust and discoloration
Solutions are non-toxic and food safe
Evaporates after application, leaving only Nano-Bearings™ behind

Recommended Knives Applications

Apply 10 weight to locking screws, washers, springs, and pivots
Apply 5 weight to reduce friction on the pivot mechanism
Rub 5 weight on the broad sides of the blade with a cloth, which evaporates fastest

Our Opinion

“I personally prefer to use a dab of 85 weight on the bottom of my locking screw and pivot. My knife and Leatherman® Tool open and close without unnecessary resistance.”

Kevin Chapins

Detailed look at Knives and Elite Oil Technologies Nano-Oil

Nano-Oil™ for knife maintenance can be used on any modern or antique knife to clean, restore, and lubricate the moving mechanisms. Whether fabricating a new knife or working on your favorite knife that you carry daily, Nano-Oil™ will last longer and work better than most traditional knife oils. Nano-Oil™ is designed to magnetically adhere to metallic surfaces and reduce friction. Our lighter weight food-safe knife oils can be used to wick into hard to reach surfaces and stays there, thanks to its magnetic properties. When cleaning a knife, Nano-Oil™ will remove rust or other residues from a blade while leaving a protective coat for the future. 5-Weight Nano-Oil™ applies and evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind so that it doesn’t attract pocket lent or other debris.

Nano-Bearings™ will render the opening and closing of all knives extremely smooth after applying the blade, on the front and back of washers, and on the locking mechanism. Securely tighten screws while maintaining an easy release. Nano-Oil™ solutions are non-toxic and food safe.

Questions about our non-toxic and food-safe knife oils? Call us at (573) 442-9670. Don’t take your chances with generic oils when you know you can trust our Nano-Oil™ for knife maintenance.


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